Superior Products Result in Superior Water Quality

Superior Products Result in Superior Water Quality

Quality well parts in Battle Creek, MI

When it comes to older well repair or new well pump installation, Battle Creek, MI, residents, businesses and farmers turn to Ray Leonard Well Drilling. We provide comprehensive well installation, repair and maintenance services, and we can offer you the full spectrum of top-quality well parts and equipment, including:

- Well pumps: We offer a great variety of well pumps, including submersible pumps, water jet pumps and more, to completely meet your water needs, whether you’re using the water throughout your entire residence or using it for agricultural irrigation purposes.

- Well tanks: We install bladder tanks, fiberglass tanks and steel tanks to meet your water holding needs. Our tanks are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate your property or household size and your usage requirements, and are incredibly durable to provide you with lasting value.

- Well caps: We offer tailored installation of your well cap to seal your water off from all potential pollutants like particles and eroded soil, pesticide runoff and other liquid contaminants and even the smallest of insects.

- Constant pressure systems: Our constant pressure systems provide state-of-the-art control over your water pressure to ensure it remains consistent and strong throughout the years.

- Pipes: We use only the highest quality pipes to prevent erosion, leaks or cracks, breaks, contamination and other common pipe issues.

- Control boxes: We use cutting-edge control boxes so your well will maintain constant water pressure and an efficient flow without requiring any hassle on your part.

We Prefer to use Steel over PVC

At Ray Leonard Well Drilling, we want the best for our customers, which is why we implement the best drilling methods and products. We have found, like cable drilling, that steel pipes are the best for well installation. Here are a few reasons why we prefer to use steel.

You get just as much water from a 4” steel pipe as you do from a 5” PVC pipe. Water output is more about the pump than it is the diameter of the pipe. The only reason 5” PVC pipes are used is because the State of Michigan requires it. Why? Because the PVC has to be big enough to compensate for its tendency to crack or collapse.
Your well isn’t completely ruined by lightning. We get our fair share of storms in Battle Creek, and there isn’t a lot around for the lightning to hit. If it happens to run in on the power lines and hit your well, your well could take considerable damage, especially if it constructed with PVC. Steel can withstand the high heat, but PVC will melt, likely resulting in the need to replace your entire system.
You get a better seal with an undersized hole and steel piping. The drilling and casing method that comes with using steel creates a more compact surrounding and prevents cave-ins that can happen when drilling an oversized hole for PVC pipes. Such cave-ins can result in having to start the drilling process all over.
You get a more durable well. While PVC can crack, buckle and ultimately collapse under pressure, steel remains resilient to forces that PVC cannot withstand. Furthermore, the seal is so strong that the steel casing is rust and corrosion-resistant. If your steel casing by Ray Leonard Well Drilling ever rusts through, we’ll replace it for free.

When Quality Matters

When Quality Matters

Because our main priority is outfitting your well properly to ensure the constant quality and safety of your water, we use only products of the utmost quality from the well-established manufacturers we trust, such as:

- Flint & Walling
- Goulds
- Grundos

Whether you need replacement parts for an older residential well or require completely new submersible installation in Battle Creek, MI, call Ray Leonard Well Drilling at 269-963-2529 today to receive prompt service and quality products.

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