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Well drilling, maintenance and repair services in Battle Creek, MI

Do you need a new well? Don’t trust just any well drilling contractor in Battle Creek, MI, rely on the expertise and dedication to quality you’ll get from Ray Leonard Well Drilling. For over 50 years, we have provided Battle Creek area residents with quality well drilling, maintenance and repair services. The proven methods of well drilling that worked for us 50 years ago still hold true today, enabling us to continuously present customers with a better solution to well drilling.

View our services below and read why we prefer cable drilling over rotary drilling, then call us for an estimate on any of our services

We are water well drilling that uses mainly steel casing

We are water well drilling that uses mainly steel casing

We’re always happy to provide service on wells using any other brands, as well. These comprehensive services include:

Well system installation: We provide every part of the well drilling process, from drilling the well to the excavation work needed to hook it up to your building, installing the bladder tanks to recommending the right type of pump, setting up the submersible to installing the well cap. We use only steel casing for our wells to give you the best quality water for drinking, irrigation and more.

Well repair: We provide comprehensive well repair on any existing well, repairing or replacing pumps, pipes, irrigation equipment and more.

Well pump and part sales: We have an extensive inventory of top quality well parts and products to give you the most control over your well’s efficiency, including replacement parts, control boxes and more.

Well maintenance: As well as offering pump cleaning, pipe threading, well cleaning, safety inspections and other maintenance service, we’re happy to chlorinate your well to improve water quality and quell potential health issues.

Water testing: Our water quality experts can perform professional testing on your well water to ensure it is free from pollutants and contaminants and to help you make an informed decision about any necessary filtration.

24-hour emergency service: For your safety and convenience, we offer emergency well pump service 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure you always have access to clean, safe and efficiently-running water.

For everything from irrigation system installation to well pipe threading, Battle Creek, MI, residents can call 269-963-2529 for exceptional service and quality products.

Why cable drilling over rotary drilling?

Rotary drilling is typically faster and requires less work on behalf of the driller, so it is unfortunately the preferred method of drilling for most well drillers. We have not sacrificed quality for convenience, however, and still insist on using cable drilling methods in order to provide our customers with the best well possible.

Here are some advantages of cable drilling vs rotary drilling:

Cable drilling actually adds more materials than it removes, resulting in highly compacted earth and a well-protected, highly-sealed well
Cable drilling does not limit the well driller to one bore depth as does rotary drilling. The superior sealing qualities of cable drilling allows the driller to choose the best pumping zone while keeping the well sealed, preventing the need to drill elsewhere or settle with sub-par water quality.
Cable drilling creates an undersized hole instead of the oversized hole rotary drilling creates. The resulting drilling pressure prevents mid-drill collapses and offers accurate soil and water samples, thorough sealing and the ability to identify the best well depth available.

For more information on cable drilling vs rotary drilling, and for an estimate on any of our services listed above, please contact us today.